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Through a creative collaboration with the client, architect, contractors, and craftsmen, we can optimize the potential for projects in new construction, remodeling, and repurposing of space.


Architectual Details

Architectural detailing will be used to enhance the space and architecture, create focal points, and define the style.


Color Profile

Color analysis based on client preference and natural setting will provide the basis for the overall color scheme, which includes the selection of paint colors and surfacing materials.


Finish Selections

Great care is given to the selection of interior materials and finishes, including flooring. The character and livability of a project are influenced by these choices.


Window Treatments

Windows speak volumes for the architecture of a building, whether residential or commercial. Special care is given to windows treatments, encompassing the broad spectrum of minimalism to couture window coverings, for the perfect balance of setting, style and privacy.


Soft Goods

From the simplest accent pillow to the ultimate bed covering, soft goods will be designed that provide comfort and reinforce the design intent.



Furniture that supports the lifestyle, activity and aesthetics of the space is crucial to a successful project. Optional means of acquiring furniture include shopping local stocking sources, utilizing special order manufacturers, and designing project-specific furniture to be custom-made.